Introducing Syllogique

At Syllogique we believe in joined-up thinking. We are passionate about effective collaboration and engagement in every aspect of corporate life, and applying the power of collective diversity to the strategic challenges of today’s connected enterprise.

We align the ambitions of the enterprise and all stakeholders, creating new dynamic of creativity and innovation, maximising individual contribution and motivation, towards the shared strategic objective.

Syllogique's methods inspire new ways of working together, with improved team engagement and enhanced company performance.

How can we help you?

Strategic Project Management
Traditional project management practice places too much focus on the constraints and the tasks to perform, rather than the underlying purpose of the project. We feel that this is limits the team's ability to contribute to the project outcome. We bring people together and motivated them to solve a shared problem, and the solution becomes that much easier to achieve.

Open Innovation
We are great believers in Collective Intelligence - the Wisdom of Crowds - when those crowds are brought together in the right way. By bringing a diverse group of experts and experiences to the table, we can access the most innovative, creative ideas and solutions to old and new problems.

Open Consultancy
At Syllogique, we try to give a more human face to consultancy than you may be used to. We love taking on new challenges and although we don't pretend to have all the answers, we do believe that we are pretty good at bringing people together to resolve them. That's not just talk - we have many years' experience of bringing home key projects for many international organisations. 

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